Saturday, April 10, 2010

updates updates!

Wednesday night, Kenai went to live with Grandma Marty. Thank the Lord. Kenai is an alright dog. in small doses. alone. when he's been fed, ran, and is the CENTER of attention. This does not mix well with little Carly when Kenai believes he owns Andy and vies for his attention at all times. So marty's house it is. He can sleep on the bed there, guard her and her house, etc.

Carly is asleep. Finally for longer than 2 hours, which was last night! Poor dear. We aspirated her nasal passages a couple of times and she HATED it. but she had SO much snot pouring down her upper lip. (I don't do snot. Blood? Baby puke & poop? Spiders? fine. Snot? No.) (Puss either. No puss.)

So I had time to whip up a batch of nerd cookies. (oatmeal, almond butter, flax seed, raisins, choc. chips, whole wheat flour.) I don't know why, but I find it my mission in life to never follow the cookie recipe and always make my own additions. It drives Andy crazy. I love it:) constantly on the search for the perfect healthy and delicious cookie that I can make!

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