Friday, April 2, 2010

live like no one else...

and later you can live like no one else. Dave Ramsey said that during his "Financial Peace University" DVD classes. I've seen them 2 times now, once by choice, and once with kiddos from Bashor when they took an off-campus course. Well, I had a dream about Dave ramsey last night. He was handing out Financial Peace cloth grocery bags. odd. I told him I had student loans and a mortgage.

The jogging stroller came today! Andy is putting it together as I type:):) I am really happy. And we will be going out on a date tonight! YAY! Jason and Kimber are going to watch Carly. And I am trying to convince myself that taking those stinkin pills for my stomach/bacteria/cramps whatever are good for me, but it is really hard when all Carly wants to do is nurse, and all i want to do is nurse. 7 days. that's all.

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