Monday, April 19, 2010

Carly, Thai, Running, and DONE!

Well, Carly slept wonderfully last night. She woke up to nurse once, and about 8:00 this morning i was awakened to her cooing and babbling in her room. There's very little better than that! Shortly thereafter, she fell over while practicing sitting on the living room floor, and cried and cried, only to be consoled with nursing and falling asleep. It was morning nap time I guess.

Going to go get Thai with Londa (hopefully!) tonight. We've tried about 3 times now without success. But i hope tonight it is. We're going to Khun-Daeng in Mishawaka. Love their food. It's a hole in the wall place, but the cook speaks no English and the waitress is sassy. It's "neat."

Also doing better running. Went 46:38 yesterday. Felt really good! I have been looking for more races to run. Sunburst? Tecumseh Trail Marathon? Twin Cities? We'll see:)

Andy is done with wait did you read that?! DONE WITH his internship and grad school on THURSDAY!!!!! I haven't even known him NOT being in grad school. What a challenging season this has been. Grateful to God that our marriage withstood this first year and a half along WITH internships AND a new baby. That's a miracle in and of itself! I still have a deep seated love for the song "Two sets of Joneses" by Big Tent Revival....

This here's a song about two sets of Jones'
Rothchild, Evelyn, Rueben, and Sue
And just for discussion through random selection
We've chosen two couples who haven't a clue

Rothchild was lucky to marry so wealthy,
Evelyn bought him a house on the beach.
Rueben and Sue, they had nothing but Jesus
And at night they would pray that He'd care for them each

And the rain, came down,
And it blew the forewalls down
And the clouds they rolled away
And one set of Jones', was standing that day

Evelyn's daddy was proud of young Rothchild,
He worked the late hours to be number one
Just newlyweds and their marriage got rocky,
He's flying to Dallas, she's having a son.

Rueben was holding, a Giddeon's Bible,
And he screamed "it's a boy" so that everyone heard
And the guys at the factory took a collection,
And again God provided for bills they incurred

So what is the point of this story,
What am i trying to say
Is your life built on the rock of Christ Jesus
Or a sandy foundation you've managed to lay

Well needless to say Evelyn left her husband
N' sued him for every penny he had
I truly wish that those two would find Jesus
Before things get worse than they already have

There's two sets of jones'
Which ones will you be?

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Bron and Jenda said...

I totally forgot about that song :) Good memories!