Monday, April 26, 2010

rainy running

Yesterday I squeezed in a run between church and all that is KidsWorld and heading to mother-in-laws house for pizza to celebrate Andy's Master's Degree. It had been raining all day, but couldn't decide between steady rain, downpour, and sprinkle. I set out during a sprinkle, and I think it hit steady rain at some point. It's hard to remember simply because I love running in the rain so much!:
1. People seem to inherently avoid the rain. I don't know why. Maybe they don't want to get wet--? I figure if I'm mentally prepared to be wet, it's wonderful, nay, fantastic.

2. Because people are avoiding the rain, I have the streets mainly to myself. Which is AWESOME. Few dogs barking at me, few hooligans on bikes to avoid, little to no awkward people passing by "do I or don't I try to say hi...". The only people out are fellow rain lovers:)

3. Sweating is great. It's swept away by the cool rain and one feels more refreshed than when one started.

4. People driving by look at you like you're a little crazy. Which is true. But is a good feeling nonetheless.

5. THE SMELL!!! Rain smells good. it makes everything else smell good. Lilacs, cherry trees, crab apples, apple trees, PINE TREES! wet pavement, grass, etc., etc...

In summary, I would run in 60 degree rainy weather any day, and I would choose it over a sunny day any time. The humidity is good for my lungs. And the soul!!

this isn't me, but look at how happy she is running:) and imagine what those pines smell like :D


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WELL SAID :) If I liked running I would totally run in the rain!