Monday, January 30, 2012

running buddy & PPD no more!

I think I've kicked it! for real! 

I think i'm done with postpartum depression. I feel better, my mood swings are no longer in the bipolar category & cycling every 30 minutes, i find joy in things again & I have energy. I can not express how much relief i feel. my husband agrees, for sure. Gosh, there were points where i felt like "what if i never get better? what if this is the new normal?" that really stunk. I can't even write how relieved i am, but if anyone needs to talk about PPD and what worked for me, needs some camaraderie, or whatever, send them my way. (I feel like it's a really taboo topic & you'll get no judgment here. )

Winter has come, a bit anyway, with some snows lately. However, it's supposed to be in the 30's this week so that will melt most of it. right now it's dripping off the roof.  But my pal Tonya & I got in 2 awesome runs this weekend, one each on Saturday & Sunday. Saturday's was about 4.5 miles, and Sunday's was close to 4. I felt so good & tired when i went to bed last night! And today I'm sore. So wonderfully sore. It's been an awfully long time since I've felt sore that didn't involve a c section or body aches from depression. Woohoo! 
just some of the important gear  for winter running.  amazing how much i pile on.
that's gotta add about 5 pounds to my run!

I am hoping to get out today & this week too. The double stroller from the family at my church isn't exactly what I was looking for, but the front wheel does lock so we'll give it a whirl. It might not be ideal for snow (I think a big front wheel would work better-?) but i'm game:)

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Midwinterafternoon's thoughts.

I've got some winter blahs.
("We've got cabin fever...")

 Some days it has been cold out, but not snowy, so that means no pulling the girls on the sled/snowshoeing down the Trail. Some days have been warmer, but not consistently enough for me to gain any steam in running/getting back into shape. I've been trying to do Pilates and that has worked to a certain extent, but my ladies have not been sleeping at the same time. You can insert your advice _here_ but honestly I've tried to be creative and just plain feel defeated. So I'm a little blah-y. I do have some exciting news tho! Some friends from church have a double fixed wheel jogging stroller that they are going to drop off later today. YAY!! I'll be able to clean it up and dream of early morning runs on the lush green Trail with the sun shining through the trees and sparkling off the lake. ahhhh.... Or just run in the reflector vest in the dark slushy streets of Waterville until then;)

Until then, I will continue to read up on postpartum depression & trying to help myself as much as i can. That is one BUGGER of a deal, PPD.

I feel like i could write a book on it myself. Maybe some day, after I have some sort of credentials:)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday morning:)

It's a beautiful monday morning, sun shining through the windows (that need to be cleaned, btw), the garbage & recycling trucks have made their way down the streets, carly is watching Finding Nemo while intermittently hopping over to me to get a hug & tell me I Yuv You! Corine is napping in her swing and I'm thinking of things to do today & this week. The only odd thing is that it's January 9th, it's above freezing and there's no snow anywhere around. Yup. Odd. I've been running again, and as foreign as my body has felt running lately, yesterday afternoon I went for a 3 miler and it felt mostly normal! It wasn't a spectacular run, but I did it. During the week though, i have a harder time getting out. With the 2 little ones and only a single jogger, it makes it hard. Corine is growing like a weed and its starting to hurt my back when i have her in the baby bjorn for a really long time, and running is obviously out. So i'm in the market for a double, what with the "non-winter" winter this year.
Here it is: the item I've been looking at getting. It's an InStep Flash. If God would like to bless me with another option, i'm open to that too! So I've been working at saving up/watching for a sale. We'll see what comes up, but I'm hopeful.

I've also been thinking a lot about worship music & playing guitar again. It seems to go in spurts, but the spurts are usually a year or more long. Anyway, it's rising up again! Yay! Gotta do some searches for new worship music...probably matt redman & Charlie Hall to start with.