Wednesday, December 14, 2011

headaches & rain drops

oh these headaches! If i never had another one, I'd be a happy camper. In my years of headaches, here are some of the "possible" causes:

pressure changes
gall bladder issues
lack of sleep
pinched nerve
foods such as coffee, chocolate, hotdogs
too much sugar
too much salt
not enough salt
high blood pressure

this is not exhaustive. but it is exhausting. I have an appointment on Friday, again, to try and pursue this.
what a pain in the neck! Yesterday i had a miserable migraine all day. really bad. i tried our insurance's phone nurse number which was NO help, and then i called the local physician which directed me to call the hospital dr's, then I sat on hold after being transferred through the phone system at Mayo Mankato for 17:30. that's ridiculous. i hung up and figured i'd suffer through it. it's back again and i'm frustrated. grr.

it's raining today though, which i would usually like and enjoy, except that it's december!! I'd like some snow for Christmas, but i'm not sure we'll have any this year. I'm still holding on hope, though:)

Monday, December 12, 2011

back into the swing of things!

I'm giving it another go. It's not that I don't want to keep this thing up (it's as fun for me to keep a blog as it is to read them!) but I have really been struggling to find time to keep up with posts. But I think the new little gal is getting scheduled;) she's napping right now, which makes me SO happy because she's napped at the same time each day for about 4 days. She's going on 3 months (December 29th will be.) so i think i can actually start to have things regular again!
I have been knitting and crocheting my little fingers off lately too.
I love making hats, but man it will be nice when i can get creative again and try some new patterns. I have some orders to fill first though. I've also been baking and cooking intentionally, using a strict budget, clipping coupons, & planning the weekly menu. Sounds a little obvious, but I'd never seriously done it before...always just flew by the seat of my pants!

Running has been difficult to get done. It seems to take so much work to get someone to watch the girls (I only have a single jogging stroller so far) and we've had a cold snap here too. When andy gets home from work, it seems so busy until bedtime--hard to tell him he's got the girls while i run. That could be changed, but Corine doesn't take a bottle yet, so the only source of food/comfort she's had SO far is me... But she's getting older! I'm getting [marginally] more sleep at night! I may be able to run with the Dakota in the Dark before too long... We will have to see, but I'm remaining hopeful:) I just need to set realistic goals. Like, regular running starting in January. That's realistic. i think right now anyway!