Monday, June 28, 2010

love this girl

I follow a bunch of different blogs, and I LOVE the one called Barefoot Angie B. She's in DesMoines, has 4 boys, and began barefoot running after she had terrible shinsplints when returning to running...sound like me? (except not 4 boys. goodness.)
Well anyway, i love to read her blogs because she sounds like she'd be someone I'd hang out with were we in the same neighborhood. Angie is doing a giveaway for these workout dresses here and you should go check it out. i'd LOVE one of these but they are pretty a free one would be alright by me! Maybe some day when I'm driving to Minnesota i'll swing by des moines and we'll go for a barefoot run:)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hot summer days

I'm antsy right now. I want to go for a run today, which I didn't do the past 2 because of severe weather and really high humidity & temps, neither of which are good for little carly:) Anyway, I'm deliberating and thinking..."Hmm...I think i should go run today between storms." Why don't I just go out and run? I waste a lot of time thinking about things instead of doing them. Sometimes. I do better when I've given things thought and mentally prepare for it, whatever "it" may be. random, random, rabbit trails, digressions.....

So, i'm going to finish picking the rest of the almonds & bittersweet chips out of my teeth (so. good.) and get my running shoes on. Last time I ran, I went about 3 1/2 miles with shoes and maybe 1/5 mi without. I think I'll do the same today. Carly is getting used to the runs and I hope she likes them!