Monday, June 28, 2010

love this girl

I follow a bunch of different blogs, and I LOVE the one called Barefoot Angie B. She's in DesMoines, has 4 boys, and began barefoot running after she had terrible shinsplints when returning to running...sound like me? (except not 4 boys. goodness.)
Well anyway, i love to read her blogs because she sounds like she'd be someone I'd hang out with were we in the same neighborhood. Angie is doing a giveaway for these workout dresses here and you should go check it out. i'd LOVE one of these but they are pretty a free one would be alright by me! Maybe some day when I'm driving to Minnesota i'll swing by des moines and we'll go for a barefoot run:)

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Rad Runner said...

Is this not such an awesome giveaway!? :)