Monday, March 12, 2012

oh Suzanne Collins.

All I want to do is finish this series. After I'd read series like The Harry Potter books, or The Circle Books by Ted Dekker, I'd crave more. I'd want more exciting books where I care deeply about the characters & feel like I know them. However, my house is in a shambles, laundry is everywhere, and my firstborn is running around the house in her diaper only...which isn't that bad but is due to the fact that i haven't taken the time to dress her this morning because I want to be reading. constantly.  So now I'm going to go wash dishes. Then i'm going to read another chapter. Then do a load of laundry. Then read another chapter. The best part is I'm only on Catching Fire:) I still have another book to go! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mud is in the air!

2012-02-16 14.15.52.jpg

me & the little ones out for a run a couple of weeks ago, pre-The Sickness. We got hit hard at our house with illness...pneumonia, RSV, puking, wheezing, shots of Rocephin, azithromycin, Urgent Care, ER...and lots & lots of Kleenexes & chicken soup! We are all better now, amazingly, and just in time for spring to hit! I'm so excited for these next few months. I'm pumped for losing some baby weight (down 8 pounds so far!), excited for running with both my girls, training for some races, and being outside:) I think I'm going to sign up for the Mankato Half Marathon on October 21. and the Elysian Rookie Triathlon on July 7, which is also when my brother is getting married! it'll be a busy day...

I have more to write, but mothering is calling...........