Monday, November 8, 2010

and now time for...

Time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea.

Good Idea: eating salmon for it's nutritious omega 3 fatty acids.

Bad Idea: eating salmon before a run in which you have acid reflux.


Sunday, November 7, 2010


we went to the mankato wal-mart this past week (on madison ave.) There was a tent outside at one end of the parking lot and a pick-up/work truck of some sort. and rows & rows of carts. i thought, "hmm. looks like they're doing something with the carts." Yes! They were! Some wonderful person had employed & arranged some folks to come in, tighten & oil wheels, replace the decrepit wheels, swap out the mangled child belts & plastic seats with new CLEAN wal-mart ones. the cart didn't squeak and the wheels weren't squeaking and degraded. oh it was definitely a small thing, but a particular small thing that made me SO happy:)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


that wind is something else! gusts of 32 mph i just saw on the news. after a mini- meltdown yesterday evening about my own self concept/self regard/self whatever, and my wonderful hubby pulling some therapy tricks on my, i felt so much better about life. so i didn't snack late last night or eat breakfast dessert this morning. I went to the trail with Carly, thinking i'd had her bundled enough and the trees would be blocking some/most of the wind. well i didn't think right. carly was cold and crying and she has this foot fetish where she will NOT wear shoes or socks...those came off with in the first few minutes of the i tried to tuck her in with the blanket i brought along. to no avail. so after about a mile & a quarter into the run, i decided to turn around and head back. well that stunk for poor carly!! I ended up carrying her the last mile because she was cold and i took pity on her. I was just dreading meeting someone on the trail and having them comment to me on how stupid an idea it was to take a BABY out in this weather. well, honestly, if the wind hadn't been blowing like a banshee it would have been nice and i do plan on taking carly with me on many outside outings this winter. anyhoo, we came home and i put her down for a nap and i did pilates. that made me feel sort of chunky! i'm still carrying some pregnancy weight in my tummy and it is HARD to do all the folding with it there! So i'm improving the self talk again and i know if i keep this all up, the fats will decrease;)

that's all for now. carly's waking up and we need to keep going!

Monday, November 1, 2010

fall & marriage

well, we're pretty well moved in to my parent's basement. we've painted some and are attempting to make the "old basement" (ca. 1930-ish fieldstone) liveable...LOTS of de-cobwebbing & spider killing. ( I hate spiders. they give me the willies. but not as much as the webs do....) it's slow & go, but getting homier each day:)

one day last week, i definitely did NOT pray or even think about God until i found myself cornered by my feelings, emotions, & circumstances. so i got my head on straight & began praying. my mother-in-law, marty, has breast cancer. my husband is not taking it well, as is to be expected, being this far away. so we talked to marty during the week. she had surgery on Monday, thought all was good, but the cancer was in lymph nodes that they missed or something and now has to have surgery today. then chemo & radiation. andy had that plus a difficult week at work with a steep learning curve. all this to say that our marriage was taking a backseat to life and that was a HUGE mistake. I was a mess. Andy was a mess. After 3 long heart-to-hearts and some quality time at Wal-mart on Friday night ( :-) ) we were doing much better. so i'm going into this week more prepared and in better spirits.

halloween was fun! we carved pumpkins, decorated cookies (arranged by me...i love doing that stuff!) and went trick or treating with my sister & her girls. It was a really good time. we finished the night with grilled cheese sandwiches & ice cream.

i need to get my tukhus out & run today. feeling a little sluggish what with all of the weekend and all;) hopefully i can get that to happen....not dressed yet, but my teeth are brushed so there's hope.