Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter week

Easter is upon us! woo hoo! I love Easter. It's like the Christian's super bowl. And we win every year. This year my husband and I are in our church's Reader's Theater. It's going to be pretty great! And Good Friday will involve the high priest & a goat.....that's gonna be big. 
I also love spring. I didn't realize how much I missed the country in spring until i was in a city. But the scent of rich black dirt in the fields, the sound of running water from the melting snow drifts, the birds singing, the bulbs coming up...ahh. Spring only lasts a couple weeks in Minnesota, so blink and you miss it. But I enjoy it every year!

my beloved Sakatah state trail in the spring;-)

The ice dam that is our front yard is slowly melting as well. I won't miss that at all.

I've been able to get out and run regularly for the last half of march. So that's wonderful. I feel great. I'm also part of a Workout Accountability & kick butt group on Facebook, which has been definitely kicking my butt. (I'm sore all over the place!!)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

bring on a run. please:)

I'm trying so hard to not go absolutely crazy. But this winter is really driving me mad! I have cabin fever and want to run so badly, but for some reason I'm having the hardest time getting up to go! when it's icy and slick and cold. I'm such a wuss this year! I usually love winter and the cold, but this year I'm just not into it. Postpartum hot flashes have subsided, so maybe that was my secret weapon...At any rate, I probably don't have an excuse. But spring is coming. sl  o   w   l   y........

Headed to Indiana this weekend for spring break. I hear it's not as icy there:)
                                                       I'll bring my Altras & a hat!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

well, better late than never.

well i took an awful long time to write again, eh? I've felt like I was just on auto pilot for awhile, just living my life, learning to abide, practicing being a proper wife and mama, and getting runs & yoga/pilates in when it's not stinkin cold or ferociously icy outside.

I'm excited for spring, more than usual, because for the first time in a few years I'm not pregnant or recovering from giving birth, and i'm actually in decent shape! Not that I've arrived at the ideal physical state, or any other state, believe you me, but I'm well on my way and my mind is in the right place. I can't wait to start running on the Sakatah Singing Hills trail again. I've been relegated to snowy side streets that are far from ideal when the sidewalks are full of snow and slick as anything and I get to contend with traffic. Anyway, I also have the goal of getting up and learning to be a MORNING RUNNER!! I decided to set myself up for success rather than continually fail this winter (who wants to get up to run in the cold, icy, snowy dark when your sleep was punctuated by 2 toddlers who have sleep problems and you're currently snuggled up with one of them on the couch?).
Idyllic, no?
 So I'll wait until it's a little lighter in the morning, and my girlies are more apt to sleep for more than 2 hour stretches. It's going to happen!

Andy & I went to the 11th (I think) marriage retreat our church has hosted in the beautiful St. James Hotel in downtown Red Wing.

We had SUCH a nice time, learning a lot, but even more just getting to know other couples & having a date/night away from the gals. I love that hotel and the city, and I think I'm going to plan another getaway in the summer so we can enjoy the area even more.

I'm still involved with the youth group at church and I have grown to really love it:) My sweet guitar skilz are due to using the few I had in the first place and I'm actually giving lessons now. I love the kiddos my husband and I get to be around. We're a part of a team who leads the 7-12th grade in our church. I'm SO looking forward to going up to Camp of the Woods in June with a crew of them to do our mission trip for the summer. I miss the wilderness of northern Minnesota. Canadia will work;-)