Friday, April 23, 2010

grad school and errands

Andy finished with grad school last night:) graduation is May 11th, a Tuesday. We can't wait!! I haven't actually been in a relationship with him while he hasn't been in school, so this should be interesting. And fabulous:)

Getting consistent runs in is HARD!!! Carly had a few meltdowns yesterday. We started out in the stroller and got about 2 blocks away when the inconsolable cries began. People were looking at us from their yards. I tried to say witty things. But we just headed home. No run. Today? I hope for the best, but honestly I just want to ruN!!! I haven't figured out how to put Carly to bed earlier/help her stay asleep longer so I can sleep more and get up early and run. Hasn't happened yet and honestly I don't really WANT to. I hate getting up early. Anyway, I'm out now. Heading to the bank and maybe Mishawaka for a bit then for a run (**fingers crossed!)

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Melissa said...

double like. congrats to andy! and you!