Monday, June 27, 2011

oh these rainy days!

Last Thursday, it just to happened to work out that I could head out for a bike ride on the trail! I haven't gone for a good ride in quite awhile. "People" say pregnant gals aren't supposed to due to balance being off. well, this little gal is stuffed
so far up into my torso that my center of gravity has barely been affected.
(the 29er)
so anyhoo, i biked 10.25 mi
and it was gorgeous. overcast, breezy, and cool:) boy did my butt hurt the next day!! my word!!! if i'm going to do the 5 hours 4 orphans my little butt is going to have to get tough. literally.

Saturday, my little sister alair came over to play, but instead just ran errands with us. we were quite close to lunch time, so we went to McDonalds. we really don't eat fast food that much because it doesn't agree with me, but sometimes a cheeseburger just tastes SO good:) it did saturday....

I was really excited to go for a long hike today, but the sky looks threatening. I don't want to go without carly or dakota because they love it so much, and the jogging stroller has a hole in one of the tires/innertubes.
Thus I will be trying to figure out how to mend that without heading all the way to mankato or faribault, though waseca is a viable option.... and we will head out!

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