Monday, June 20, 2011

vets, pets, & dreaming dreams

so since we got back from the boundary waters/Shucks' cabin, Dakota has been itching/biting/gnawing at his hip. its really quite gross. today i called the vet and took him in. some sort of staph infection but they shaved part of his furry hip, cleaned it up good, and sent me home with salve & pills. you know, for as much a pain in the neck as this dog is, i can't believe we spend so much money on him. i do like him, which i guess is the problem:) anyway, he's assumed his lay-on-the-back-legs-splayed-wide position, so i'm guessing he's much more comfortable.

one funny thing that passed through my head while i was driving home (despite the fact that i killed the car 8 or so times in waseca, so that was still freshly embarrassing) was that i was going to go running when i got home. but i'm not. i'm pregnant. it's just funny that i can forget that sometimes! i will go for a walk down the trail later, maybe with dakota, but myself for sure.

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