Thursday, June 23, 2011

summer on Sakatah State Trail:)

Carly Dakota and I have been trying to hit the trail as often as possible, even if it's just for a quick jaunt. I cannot express how much i love this trail. it smells like lush green undergrowth and black dirt, you can hear the lake and the birds, and so many times i see no people:) solitude is wonderful! But if we head out on a saturday or sunday, or around supper time, there is bound to be bikers, runners, and hikers out which is nice too! folks are friendly and usually holler out their whereabouts and smile a "hi."
This is my view lately:) mostly baby bump with some legs popping out from underneath.

what a good trail buddy! as long as mom remembers the snacks and drinks...

here's an action side view...some indiana pals have been asking about the baby belly. looking at this, i think i need to work on the posture.

here we are after the BEST walk on Tuesday. cool, humid, and moderately sunny.
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