Thursday, July 7, 2011

July's first weeks

We have been BUSY! the fam and I went to wisconsin to visit a family friend and made a day trip of it, introduced Carly to the parent's pool and Lake Francis, grilled out with 2 sisters and another day with my brother's family, went to North Morristown's Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration, and on and on.

With the onset of all this darn heat (which i just hate, by the way) i managed to dehydrate myself pretty well and had barfing and cramping for 2 days. boo. apparently i'm supposed to be drinking close to a gallon of water these pregnant hot days. Needless to say, i haven't made it out to the trail or really around the neighborhood lately. swimming in lakes and pools, though not intentionally exercise, has been movement and keeping me cool.

Carly for loves the water! She's brave and courageous! and it sort of frightens me, so andy and I need to to look into some sort of swimming lessons for that water baby:)

that's my daughter in the water.................

That's my daughter in the water, Every time she fell I caught her
Every time she fell

Every time she blinks, She strikes somebody blind
Every time she thinks, it blows her tiny mind

That's my daughter in the water, Who'd've ever thought her
Who'd've ever thought

That's my daughter in the water, I lost everytime I fought her
Yeah I lost everytime

--from "Daughter" by Loudon Wainwright III

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