Monday, July 18, 2011

The Rogue Chicken.

This morning I saw The Rogue Chicken again. It was wandering across the street into the woods up by the blackberries. Now, I don't live in a really urban area, but it IS a city/town. We live on the edge at the base of a big wooded hill. Apparently a chicken has taken up roost in our neighbors garage, laying eggs in a tarp and hanging out on the front porch. It's just a little weird, however I'd be collecting the eggs if I was my neighbor. Dakota smells its path each time we walk by, and I'm dreading if he ever decides to take off and blast into the woods to "hunt" the chicken. It remains elusive when I head out for a walk with Dakota and my phone, (i.e. camera) but I'm keeping the faith that I will photograph it soon.

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