Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It's been awfully hot, and this pregnant lady has NOT been liking it. I don't like the heat to begin with, but add an extra furnace in there and I'm so tired, so sweaty, and moderately grumpy (my husband would say very moody and hormonal and "when can i get my wife back?"). so, needless to say, due to my grouchy attitude, i haven't blogged recently at all. HOWEVER!!

Today it is Gorgeous Outside. Highs in the low-mid 70's. finally!!!! I'm not sweating through my bra & underpants before 9 am. I've never suffered heat stroke, or even heat exhaustion I think due to the fact that my body sweats at any slight discomfort. Which is a blessing and a curse;)

The weather outside really makes me antsy to get out there and run though!! I think i'm going to push the water and go for a good walk tonight with my pal tanya.

In the heat, i've been listening to messages from Granger Community Church in Granger, Indiana. I love this church because it is "modern" in it's music choices (which to me means the worship team plays music and songs that are new--and some old hymns--and not necessarily always on the radio. Songs by Charlie Hall, Matt Redman, and some chart toppers that relate to the messages. Anywho, i like the creativity and the theology of the pastor, Mark Beeson, as well as the other Preachers like professors, authors, and community members. I'd recommend listening to some of them while doing dishes, ironing, and other mundane house tasks that you hate.....:)

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