Wednesday, September 10, 2008


well all, it has been embarrassingly long since my last post. Life got a hold of me and wouldn't let go! I am home tonight and have a chance to write (only because I'm not doing things I am supposed to do right now...)
My engagement is going really really well. Andy and I are super--it's amazing, but I really have a change in my heart for him. Like, "okay. We are really seriously going to do this." And I love him even deeper. I can't really explain it, but that's the case.
Work is crazy. I want a new job. Some days I just feel DONE with kids. I would like to raise my own, thank you, and not other's. But isn't that a selfish thought? Yeah. I feel bad just thinking it. I'll suck it up and keep on living my "really difficult" life. 2 jobs is really busy though. hopefully this is just for a season.
The dogs are equally crazy. Kenai was found running down by the Great Wall Restaurant yesterday. He jumped the fence and ran with the National Guard fellas all the way down town. Little bugger. Andy got a phone call from the vet saying Kenai had been found. (Oh shoot. was he missing?) Sunday night, while Andy and I went grocery shopping, Kenai also decided to DESTROY Andy's new nintendo DS, my financial peace workbook, the remote, a mechanical pencil, papers, magazines, and a piece of aluminum foil. All this over the living room in small bite size pieces. HOLY MAN. I didn't even know how to respond. Luckily, Andy was blessed with perspective when I don't have it. He reminded me it is just stuff, only things and we can replace the things. Yes. But good grief what a mess!!!
So I have been trying to run Kenai when I go for runs. I am just too tired to go tonight. I came home, ate a bowl of cereal, and crashed. I'll try tomorrow morning........

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