Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Running in the dark.

Good morning! I think I have finally had enough sleep in one night--I keep on saying I'll go for a run in the morning and i NEVER do. I am just too exhausted. My eye lids won't even flip open most mornings for gosh sakes. Any way, I think I might be able to go after I type this. I have been running in the evenings with mixed results....

1. It's dark. There are hoodlums out there. They don't seem to come out in inclement weather, but on a decent night, they're there. I have this thing where I stare down people who stare at me because it irritates me. This is not the best quality to have if the stare-down-ees happen to be packin.

2. the singing man by the park. One rainy night I took Kenai for a run. As I was passing a nearby park, some young buck decided to scare the snot out of me by starting to belt out "I like to move it move it. I like to move it move it." Needless to say I kept looking over my shoulder and hype-ing up Kenai for an attack, should he be needed.

3. Sidewalk cracks. I've tripped. I've even fallen. It scares me. And I could get injured. Not good in the dark.

4. Hiding from traffic. This is a plus. I really like to hide and run at the same time. There aren't many adrenaline rushes like it. I feel like a spy. I feel all edgy. I feel cool. And it is surely the closest to special ops I'll ever get.

5. It is typically cooler at night. And refreshing. I remember running at Gustavus out in the country, totally alone, THOUSANDS of stars overhead. There is nothing like it. I try to reproduce that feeling in Elkhart. But it doesn't work quite as well.

6. I am getting training runs in regardless. And a run is better than not a run.

So that's it. I'm trying to get better at being consistent. But I don't run to be on a schedule. I run because I love the experience:)

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