Wednesday, July 9, 2008

these dreams of mine!

I have been dreaming a lot lately. i am trying to figure out if they actually mean anything--you know hidden desires or anguish, or if they are random ideas and thoughts generated by some place in my brain. Last night I dreamed that I stepped on the scale and it read over 200 pounds. I thought in my dream, "huh. well that is a surprise." I was also dreaming about a certain ex-boyfriend. He has been haunting many of my dreams lately; we are together again, and usually he ends up angry with me or cheating on me. Replaying the past? maybe. But I definitely don't want to keep reliving things I had hopefully moved on from! SO it makes me think. Did I actually receive healing? hmm.....

Meanwhile, yesterday I took both dogs for a run, separately. Dakota was lagging BIG time by the end, but Kenai was fresh as a daisy! And I have never taken him for a run! I am trying to keep my base endurance up for running, so mid-August I can start training for a trail marathon. The dogs run with me when it isn't a really long run, and when it isn't ungodly hot out.

Quote from 1 minute ago:
Vonda: yeah. he's allergic to chocolate.
me: oh really? Riley's allergic to Chocolate? That's too bad.
Riley: oh yeah. it gives me bad diarrhea. so i guess that means i'm 'lergic.

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