Sunday, July 13, 2008

Circle of friends...

I just got back from taking the dogs for a run. Well, I take Dakota and Kenai separately because they're typically on their own agenda and I never quite know how it will go. Anyway, I took Dakota first and by the end, I had the lead looped around my waist, dragging Dakota home. Out of pity, we ended up walking. Then I switched Kenai for Dakota. After the first mile, he settled into a lovely rhythm and we had a great run. It ended up being a beautiful night, cool breeze, sun setting dusk light. And now I'm home to finish laundry and get ready for the week:)

I spoke with 2 friends I haven't spoken to in quite some time here recently. Thursday I talked with Robin (Stennes) Bartel who was my college roomie sophomore and senior year. It was awesome to hear from her. And today I talked with Travis Urbatch, first serious boyfriend! We talked for a really long time and had a great conversation. On my run i was reflecting on it. It is so good to be grateful for a relationship and see it honestly as it was. Dating Travis had a part in bringing me to where and who I am now. Travis and I talked about how being together was fine for the time, but we were in different places emotionally and the relationship had to either take a step forward and more serious, or back and cool off. It felt really cool to be able to look back and see that we chose the right one:)

God brings people into our lives for seasons. It is just awesome when you've been around a little longer and those people cross your path again.

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