Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hot days, hot gyms

it is another hot day in Goshen, Indiana. i'm a gym director for the boys and girls club for the summer so i spend my day in a little office and in a big 'ol outside-air conditioned gym. if you know how i sweat, then i've gained your pity. it gets so hot. to the point that other staff come down and say, "Wow. it's really hot in here!" and then eventually leave me in the gym with 65 hot sweaty and stinky children of various sizes and maturity levels to sneak back upstairs to the air conditioned rest of the club where they adorn themselves in sweatshirts. i, on the other hand, have begun a petition for staff sleeveless shirts and athletic shorts. i've also seriously considered cutting the sleeves off of at least one of my staff shirts...
the rest of the week is supposed to remain in the 90's with "increasing dew points." Thanks Gordy Young. bring it on.

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