Tuesday, September 14, 2010

T-4 days

good ness. i can't believe this is happening so soon. Andy had his last day at bashor on friday, mine was sunday at the church, so we have the week off. i use the word off loosely:) lots of last time get togethers, errand running, and tying up of loose ends. it's good, just a whirl of activity!

i have, disappointedly, not gotten in nearly as many runs as i'd like to. i really want to run on the pumpkine vine at LEAST one more time before we move, but i have been so blastedly tired at the end of the day (and i am not a morning runner right now. at all.) that all i can think of is heading to bed with my book to fall asleep. we'll see what the rest of the week brings. on a positive note, the last run i did was awesome on the Mill Race canal trail. i cut off 4:30 from my previous time. i ran that run in shoes because the gravel there is SHARP (i've actually tried barefoot there...not a grand idea.) but the weather was gorgeous, the time was perfect, and i felt like a million bucks!

tomorrow, andy & i are meeting aileac for lunch, then a pal is coming over to "play" with carly while we do something...pack? hahaha. i'll probably try to run! maybe around the neighborhood tomorrow.

packing has really gotten andy & i talking about what matters, how so much of life can be spent on stuff which moths & rust can destroy, and we can so easily lose our focus on what matters: family. relationships. memories. time spent. not stuff. fancy stuff, crappy stuff, cluttery stuff, etc. etc. so we've been trying to downsize & simplify. keep the things that are useful, functional, and of quality so they last. this is NOT easy! ufda. but paring down on our possessions has been oddly cathartic. painful at first, but it feels good to sit in a spacious living room because all the clutter has been taken out to the garage:) we'll see how it all continues to go (i was sort of resistant to it at first!)

and living in my parents basement, albeit generously portioned, is only 2-ish rooms big. it'll be fun tho:) positive attitude goes a long way!! and again, it's not about the stuff! it's the memories & relationships.

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Melissa said...

wow! where have i been?! we are so excited for you guys!