Thursday, September 16, 2010

cloudy, rainy, movey day.

i'm sitting down for a quick break from packing. it's humid & cool today, with intermittent downpours! maynard & nevaeh came over (they will be renting the house) and played with carly & we were all able to eat lunch. i love cool humid, rainy days. in fact, as i sit here i'm thinking i'm going to try to run tonight, but no pressure if it doesn't work out. i haven't gone in a few days now, and i know it's good to let a body have some heal time. but it's my mind that I'm most concerned about! the cleansing feeling of sweating, the gorgeous feeling of exertion, the wonderful refreshment from breathing deeply in the lungs. I just get sick of running in the sun, as odd as that sounds. It saps me of all energy. always has.

andy & i packed up the remainder of the kitchen today. well except the coffee pot and a few other things needed often:) every moment it seems renewed with anticipation, excitement, and the reality that i'm not going to be able to be "alone" in our little house anymore:( i'm really going to miss this place, as small and cramped and as busy a road as we live on. the generosity & adventure is not lost on me, believe you me! but i'm still going to miss cedar st.

well, gotta get back to packing. i'm going to try & do all my "special" stuff, like the crafty things, yarn, etc. while andy is out with his mom running errands...and while carly is napping. she really likes special stuff:)

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