Wednesday, August 18, 2010

its happening!

Andy and i are moving to Minnesota! We're doing it. We'll move the 1st of October at the latest and into my parent's basement! The Lloyd house is going to be hopping again:) 2 exchange students, 3 kratzers, and 4 Lloyd's. (4 dogs too.) I'm excited for this next season in our lives. Andy and I had a sweet heart to heart and came up with a brainstorming list that's going to lead our family's mission statement. woo hoo! life is so exciting.

we went to st. joseph and saugatuk this past weekend with Pam, Koore, Ingerlynn, & stig Morten along with kim & jason and marty & abbey.

I have also been running a lot lately, now that the temps are a little more human. This is helpful in the no-migraine arena because dehydration triggers migraines in me and i just plain sweat a lot:)

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