Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back at it.

Well, I realized I was posting things that should be on a blog on Facebook. Which was making for really long statuses. (statusi?) anyway, here we go again!

Dakota ran away today again. I came home from work and was going to let the dogs out in the front yard with a leash because it was raining. The back yard has been completely torn up thanks to the dogs, and becomes a mud slick when it rains. Hence, the dogs become DISGUSTING. I let Dakota out with one hand, Carly in my other arm. He pees. We come in. Leash up Kenai. Kenai walks out, Dakota slips by. So I've got Carly in my arm, Kenai watching Dakota, Dakota running around in the neighbor's yard across the street with his tail high and wagging, thrilled at the freedom. Neighbor starts banging on the window and I look exasperated and as if to say, "yes? what do you want me to do? I've got a dog and a baby. I'm in a skirt and heels." I leave Dakota to roam the neighborhood, and sit down to nurse Carly, debating if I should call Andy? The Police? The Humane society? No one? I don't. Just as I laid Carly down for her nap, I caught a movement of white out the window. The darn dog was 4 houses down, peeing on someone's fence. I yelled at him, he came BOLTING home, and now rests in the kennel. I wanted to kick him.

anyone want a dog?

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Aubrey said...

No, I don't want a dog. But I'm glad you're blogging again!