Friday, January 30, 2009

enough already.

okay okay. back on with it.

Economy sucks and we're cancelling cable. The lady on the phone for Comcast was nice and did her "retention" department to a T. I planned on cancelling all things Comcast, but ended up keeping internet with a discount, going to local tv channels, and got some PPV coupons. sure I'm game. Hence the renewed vigor for blogging. Well, we'll see how it goes...

Kenai and I have been running more. Now every morning when I get up and put shoes on, he FLIPS out and hopes we're going to go for a run. he has this OCD/anxiety things where he paces and runs in circles around the coffee table, the 3 sides of the bed, the "loop" in our house, etc., etc. So right now he's whining and doing the house loop.

I'm going to head out to brunch with my pal Londa. She's been my best friend in indiana since I started at Bashor. Love this gal:) We can make each other laugh when we're restraining kids at work....

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