Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oh happy day!!

I just got back from a run with Kenai and it was great! It's 35 degrees out right now, so pretty splashy and Kenai was filthy. He loved it. I think this weather is my favorite to run in--not too cold, but not too hot (i hate being hot.)

As much as I love winter and prefer cooler temps to hot ones any day, I always anticipate spring and the smell of mud and melting snow. If you don't know what I mean, sorry. But the fields growing up always had a very distinct smell, and the feel of the warm sun and the cold air still coming up off the packed snow/ice is a memory etched in my mind. The sounds too--running water and more birds in the mornings. Mom would buy her pot of bulbs when the winter seemed just too long, and the crocuses would start to come up.
I know full well that spring isn't here yet, but these tastes of what is to come propels me forward!! Changing of seasons is so incredible. Dead/dormant, new life, growing, blooming, shedding, repeat! So many metaphors here...

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Bron and Jenda said...

I am WITH ya! It's in the 50s today and it's like I'm a new person! I've always loved winter, but this year I finally got cabin fever. The sound of birds is like the sound of freedom!