Wednesday, August 6, 2008

what's up with me

no, i don't mean it as "what's up with you, man" as much as the update-y sort. I have taken a new additional job at the Aveda Salon here in Elkhart. It's part time and has varying hours. I am excited about it because as many of you know, i have an obsession with products and smells, both of which Aveda is known for:). I'll be the receptionist/front counter/scheduler. Sounds good:)
I am starting to move back to West Goshen Boys and Girls Club. Having a hard time hiring new staff though. I have applicants, and I interview them, but my supervisor isn't here this week and i don't know who to ask my questions! I just don't want to be trying to be 5 places at once come next wednesday! But I am so glad to be DONE DONE DONE being the gym director. ufda.
I am also starting Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. Our church is offering it as a class. Get out of debt? Of Course I'll sign up! I am pretty pumped to get to the classes and learn and absorb as much as I can. I am NOT good with money. I am naive and uneducated in the area. I need help. I guess that is the first step, right? Admitting you have a problem?!
I went to Radiohead on Sunday night in Indianapolis. It was really awesome. I have never been to a concert like that before, and it was great. There were a fair amount of illegal drugs, but I guess it comes with the territory:) Whatever. Not nearly as shocking as the price of beer. $8.50! Holy Cow!!! Andy and I planned on spending money, so it was okay, but it just felt WRONG to spend $17 on 2 beers.
Here's a picture of the Concert from where we were. There were about 40,000 people at an outdoor arena.

And me enjoying the show:)

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