Thursday, October 11, 2012

oof it's chilly.

fall temps are certainly here. This past Saturday it was over cast and cool, with temps hovering in the mid 40's. Toward my turn around in Morristown, I was actually running in sleet! This by FAR was the most enjoyable long run I've done in the recent past, though. The week before had high, dry winds and was about 82. I was SO dehydrated and tired that I ended up walking a good part of the second half. This Saturday is the Big Woods 10K in Nerstrand State Park.
Looks like it's going to finally rain and be about 60. Should be some good memories:) I love to run in the rain, i just hope it's not freezing!

Then a week from Sunday is finally the Makato Half Marathon. I think I'm ready, but I never really know until afterward. I've been doing pretty well at sticking to the training program, which was also pivotal in my Manage-Your-Depression-And-Anxiety Program;) I think one of the best parts is that I've lost weight, and one of the best parts of that is that I now have a new wardrobe again! I kept all my jeans and pants and now they are starting to fit again. awesome. Plus I feel so much better. if I actually cut out all the sweets I eat, I'd probably lose more weight. But seriously, when your mom makes Pumpkin Bread Pudding with caramel sauce, who's going to pass that up!?

I've got other irons in the fire, if you will, such as leading worship for the church youth group, junior high  youth group, Christmas Dessert Theatre...It's all very satisfying now that I'm starting to manage my self better and with more confidence:)

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Raina said...

Hope your race went well! And that other things in life are going well too :)