Friday, August 17, 2012

fall is upon us!

Half training is going well! I've been able to keep the distances pretty close to the plan, eventhough I can't get out as often as I'd like. My feet are cooperating and the transition to minimal shoes is for the most part, complete. I say this looking forward to a 7 mile run this weekend, which will be the longest run I've done in the minimus's.
 I'm expecting complete success;)

this could have been painted in my neighborhood;)
On my way to nannying this morning, the sky had the most beautiful pure white clouds outlined with dark grey, the rising sun was shining golden-yellow on the eastern edges. Fog was rising from the fields of corn and grasses surrounded by trees. Corn here has been healthy all spring & summer and is now turning golden. The trees are getting to be that dark green, on the verge of fall colors, looking tired from their summer in the heat. Autumn is right around the corner here in southern Minnesota. I always feel peaceful when the weather changes to fall. I remember fall from when I was little, in high school, at Gustavus Adolphus College, and in Indiana. Mostly though I love the smells fall brings. Especially the pungent sweet smell of wet underbrush & fallen leaves on the trail. That, my friends, is the Best:)

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